Specialized Dental Care

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Bronte Cosmetic Dentistry provides specialized oral treatment

In need of a specialized dental care? Here are a list of services and how we can help you.


    • Periodontics


Gum disease, known as periodontal disease, is caused by plaque, a colorless film of bacteria, which can harden to form tartar around the teeth. Over time, if plaque is not removed, the gums can become red and swollen. Eventually, the gums will recede from the teeth and create pockets between the teeth and gums allowing for an increase in plaque buildup. To be diagnosed with gum disease, your dentist will have to examine your teeth and gums then measure the space in between them.


    • Dental Implants


Implant dentistry provides a lasting solution whether you are missing a single tooth or every single tooth! One or more titanium implants are surgically placed in the bone. Once they have integrated, they can securely hold a crown, permanent fixed bridgework, or a denture. Dental implants are the perfect solution to anchoring a problematic lower denture or replacing a missing tooth.


    • Invisalign


Gone are the days of metal brackets cemented on to your teeth. No more abraded lips, metallic smiles, or foods you cannot eat. Most orthodontic cases can be treated with Invisalign. Clear retainers are replaced every couple of weeks as the teeth are gradually shifted into position. They are only removed when eating and brushing your teeth. When they are in place, they are practically invisible!